Ink in Grooves…Or Not
A Printmaking Invitational

September 8-October 30, 2015

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"Ink In Grooves…Or Not" is the title of the upcoming featured exhibit at Q Gallery Artists Cooperative.

This exhibit is a printmaking invitational and will showcase the work of Q member and local printmaker, Justine Pawleski, along with the work of a talented group of invited printmakers, both familiar and new to Q Gallery.

A variety of subject matter and sizes will be represented, as well as a variety of printmaking techniques, including relief printing, etching, lithography, woodcuts, and more. Simply put, printmaking is a process wherein an image is created on a plate which can be made of stone, wood, metal, paper, or plexiglas. Typically, a paper is put onto the plate and even pressure is applied by a press such that the image is transferred from the plate to the paper. The title of this show refers to works being created via transfer of ink from plate to paper, sometimes from the grooves created in the plate, and in other processes, transferred from the high surfaces.

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